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Springfield Missouri Language Access Services

As a local nonprofit LAMP is committed to helping our diverse communities thrive through providing unparalleled language access support when and where you need it. We offer a wealth of interpreting, translation, and training services in locations across the Midwest. Our current language access solutions available in the Springfield, Missouri area:



Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) springfield

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) clients in Springfield benefit from the full extent of LAMP’s diverse staff, which makes even difficult to source languages accessible. OPI services are great for Springfield organizations that are looking to supplement existing in-person language access services, are in remote locations, or have a low volume of interpreting assignments.

Learn more about our Over-the-Phone Interpreting services here.



Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) springfield

LAMP’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service allows for Skype-like chat sessions on a secure network. Our VRI interpreters are all U.S. based and local to your region, which is especially important in American Sign Language (ASL) appointments, to ensure you get the most accurate interpretation every time. Similar to OPI, it works well for Springfield organizations in more remote locations with the added benefit of allowing participants to assess visual cues such as facial expressions and body language. Phone Interpreting is also ideal for supplementing in-person interpreting services.

Learn more about our Video Remote Interpreting services here.



In-person interpreting springfield

Our network of trained in-person interpreters in Springfield and surrounding areas cover a multitude of languages including American Sign Language (ASL). Whether you are looking to schedule a one-time appointment or you have an ongoing need for in-person language access services, we can meet your needs.

Learn more about our In-person Interpreting services here.



TRANSLATION services springfield

Written translations are a great way to make your organization more accessible to limited English speaking populations in the Springfield area. We are able to assist clients across multiple industries including: legal, educational, healthcare, and social services.

LAMP can also help individuals with their personal translation needs for items such as marriage and birth certificates, school or immunization records, and many other critical documents.

Find out more about our document translation & localization services here.



Education & Training services springfield

From training on working with interpreters for staff to CEU opportunities for language access professionals to language classes, we have an educational program that will benefit you. LAMP offers Springfield clients a selection of online courses designed to fit your schedule.

Learn more about training and educational services here.



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