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The Language Access Multicultural People

For almost 20 years, we have been working to ensure immigrant, refugee, and deaf individuals receive adequate access to health care and social services regardless of language, nation of origin, or culture.

The LAMP Story

In 1996, the Archbishop’s Commission on Community Health (ACCH) conducted a community health assessment in the St. Louis metropolitan area, which found immigrant and refugee populations to be facing significant barriers to health care and social services. Through the collaborative effort of a number of caring individuals and organizations, LAMP was born.


We are dedicated to breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers for immigrants, refugees, the Deaf, and hard-of-hearing seeking health care and support services in St. Louis metropolitan area.

Through our phone and video interpreting services, we have expanded our reach nationally.

Community Outreach Department

In 2013, we established a community outreach department to help the St. Louis community break down linguistic barriers and bridge cultural gaps. Since then, the department has had a substantial positive impact on the community by negotiating beneficial relationships with referral agencies, fostering collaborations with nonprofit organizations, and developing educational materials. In the last year, LAMP has:

  • Served 13,678 people
  • Completed 17 cultural and diversity trainings
  • Trained 37 interpreters in Bridging the Gap

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Our goal

To break down barriers, to bring people together, and to make sure that all voices are heard. Language. Access. Multicultural. People. (LAMP), an agency of Catholic Charities of St. Louis.