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We offer a number of different professional development and training opportunities for interpreters, providers, and professionals. Our educational services are focused on improving cultural competency, enriching human interaction, and fostering stronger language skills across the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Available trainings & presentations

Contact us to schedule any training or presentation.

Bridging the Gap (BTG) Training

This 40-hour course, offered through the Cross Cultural Health Care Program in Seattle, prepares bilingual individuals to work as interpreters by focusing on interpreting roles and styles, ethics, vocabulary, and advocacy techniques. As a form of professional development, trainees also earn experience finding practical solutions to complicated problems.


Cultural Competency Trainings and Presentations

We believe in the importance of cultural awareness. It is fundamental to be able to recognize differences where they arise and to navigate conversations with culture in mind. That’s why we offer a unique training program that includes a variety of hands-on teaching methods including role-playing, group discussions, and case study reviews paired with traditional teaching methods for the most comprehensive cultural education.


How to Work with an Interpreter Training

Learn how to communicate effectively with your LEP (Limited English Proficient) clients via an interpreter. We can show you guidelines and tips on how to work with an interpreter for clear communication.

Participants will also learn the roles of a professionally trained interpreter and understand why family members and friends are inappropriate choices for an interpreter.


Language & Cultural Education Hub

We are proud to offer our Educational Hub as a resource for professionals, universities, students, and bilingual individuals across the globe who seek to improve their language skills. We are focused not only on providing the best, most qualified interpreters to our clients, but also to educating the next generation of exceptional interpreters. With this goal in mind, the Educational Hub will help users develop deeper cultural understanding as well as linguistic skills.


Available Language Classes


Professional Development Programs and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Opportunities

  • In classroom CEU opportunities for ASL interpreters
  • Professional practice assessment for foreign language interpreters
  • In-classroom opportunities for foreign language interpreters
  • Training opportunities for providers



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