Over the phone interpreting

Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Our network of professional over the phone (OPI) interpreters are available on demand 24/7/365 covering over 150 languages so that you receive the language access assistance you need when you need it – even for last-minute appointments or emergency situations. Each of our interpreters is tested well beyond industry standards for fluency and terminology ensuring the most thorough, accurate interpretation every time. With over 20 years of experience, providing exceptional language access support, you can be sure you are getting the best interpreting services available. Languages include Chin, Burmese, Farsi, Laotian, Thai, and more.


benefits of OPI Interpreting?

  • Fast connection time
  • Rare languages available
  • No fees for emergency requests
  • Easy to access from any phone
  • Secure, reliable connection
  • Privacy compliant across multiple industries
  • Culturally appropriate care


How OPI works?


Utilizing a qualified, professional interpreter not only improves workflow at your organization but builds stronger relationships between you and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients. Over the Phone interpreting is just one of the comprehensive language access solutions LAMP provides.

Learn about best practices for OPI here.


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