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We are focused not only on providing the best, most qualified interpreters to our clients, but also to educating both providers and the next generation of exceptional interpreters. With this goal in mind, LAMP created our Educational Hub to help users develop deeper cultural understanding as well as linguistic skills.



Who is it for?

We are proud to offer this learning platform as a resource for professionals, universities, students, and bilingual individuals across the globe. LAMP’s language, cultural and specialized courses are designed for both professionals and students at all levels of learning.



WhAt courses are available?

We offer a wide array of training and class opportunities, including:

  • Customized Language Courses (for All Levels)
  • Professional Development Training (for Healthcare, Social Service, Law Enforcement, Mental Health, & Education Professionals)
  • CEU Opportunities (for ASL Interpreters)
  • Professional Development Training (for Foreign Language Interpreters)



Featured Language Learning Courses

New year, new language! Begin achieving your language learning goals with LAMP. We customize a language journey for you that fits your level and needs. Our current featured language classes are:



Featured professional development Courses (for providers)

Explore issues related to cultural competency and language access in your field. We have both online and on-site availability for many courses. Check out our new and noteworthy sessions:



Featured professional development Course (for Interpreters)

LAMP has a series of training sessions and webinars, which are designed to optimize interpreter skills in both foreign language and american sign language interpreting. Attendees are eligible to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the following featured course:



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