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Learn a new language with LAMP and explore the globe

LAMP customizes a language journey for you that fits your level and needs. Register with LAMP to find out how you can learn one of the following languages: English as a Second Language, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

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Professional Development

LAMP's webinars include cultural competency for all industries, about working with an interpreter and many other specialties.

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Professional Development For Interpreters

LAMP has a series of training sessions and webinars, which are designed to optimize interpreter skills in both foreign language and american sign language interpreting.

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Navigating Continuing Education Credit Units

LAMP helps interpreters within and outside of our organization keep up to date on their CEUs. Create an account, and make sure to enter your credentials, and upon successful completion, you'll receive a certificate for meeting these requirements. ASL CEUs are currently available.

CEUS For Foreign Languages

The Importance of Cultural Awareness and Education

It is fundamental to be able to recognize differences where they arise and to navigate conversations with culture in mind. That's why we offer a unique training program that includes a variety of hands-on teaching methods including role-playing, group discussions, and case study reviews paired with traditional teaching methods for the most comprehensive cultural education.

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Courses on this hub are open to LAMP interpreters as well as the general public. To cover the costs of production, some courses have fees that can be paid per course or individual webinar. All participants are asked to sign up for a free account. If you have been provided a promo code for a certain course, discounts will be reflected upon checkout.

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Language & Learning Scholarship

Proceeds from this site will be placed in a Language & Learning Scholarship Fund to assist individuals in need who are looking for Continuing Education or aspiring to be an Interpreter.

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