Language Access Training For Providers

Language Access Training (For providers)

Understanding what to expect when utilizing interpreting services ensures that providers, interpreters, and most importantly LEP (Limited English Proficient) or Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing clients have the best possible language access experience.



what does it cover?

The training will navigate meeting language and cultural needs of families while providing language access that meets compliance with Title VI. Participants will also learn the roles and ethics of professionally trained interpreters, guidelines and tips on how to work with an interpreter for clear communication, and gain insight as to why family members and friends are inappropriate choices for an interpreter.



who is it for?

This training is designed for professionals across multiple industries who have direct encounters with LEP clients where interpreting services are utilized. However, it can also benefit support staff who may assist in facilitating interpreter services at your organization.



Training specifications

Every session is specialized to be industry specific, so you get the information you need and nothing you don’t. Each training runs between 30 and 45 mins in length and are free for new or existing LAMP clients. Choose between either online or on-site options.


Online sessions are accessible through our Language & Cultural Education Hub in recorded webinar format. Currently available:


On-site availability is limited to the St. Louis Metropolitan and surrounding areas. We are happy to train staff either at your organization or at our facility. Our on-site training sessions include:



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