Foreign Language Transcription Services

Foreign Language Transcription

LAMP offers secure, comprehensive foreign language transcription services. We work with both audio only as well as video file formats in multiple languages including Spanish, Arabic, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and many more.



What IS Foreign language Transcription?

Foreign language transcription, similar to standard transcription, is the process of converting speech in either audio or video formats into a written record.



Benefits Of Foreign language Transcription

  • Wide array of applications
  • Appropriate for all industries
  • Ensures audio only content such as podcasts are compliant with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)



when To use Foreign Transcription?

With its long history serving a crucial role in law enforcement and legal settings, foreign language transcription services typical applications are:


  • Court depositions
  • Suspect interviews
  • Securing official government records


Transcription services are now increasingly in-demand among other industries thanks, in part, to the continued rise of audio and video content as the preferred method of media consumption around the world. Additional applications include:


  • Podcast episodes
  • Presentations such as webinars
  • Customer service calls



Service areas for transcription

Our transcription services are available nationally.



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