Document Translation

Document Translation

Whether you want to reach out to a new community, improve patient outcomes or increase client satisfaction, document translation services can help you achieve your goals. It is also a key component in ensuring that your facility is meeting requirements to provide meaningful language access to limited English Proficient clients.



What IS Translation?

The process of translating words or text from one language into another. This process is surprisingly complex as it is the meaning of each source-language text communicated and not a word for word exchange.



Benefits Of Translation

  • Translated documents are convenient and easily accessible
  • Appropriate for all industries and settings
  • Can be reused and repurposed
  • Reduces delays and confusion both during and after appointments
  • Improves language access compliance



when To use Translation?

Translated materials are always beneficial to have on-hand. They help staff communicate necessary information to walk-in LEP clients and they ensure clients are able to reference that information even once they have returned home. All this improves workflow at your organization and builds loyalty with your clients.

While it positively impacts both LEP individuals and organizations, we understand that constantly translating new informational materials can be costly and resources for language access are often limited. LAMP maintains some of the lowest pricing in the industry and we offer special rates for nonprofit entities to ensure that these services are available to those who need them.



document types

LAMP works with documents across multiple industries, including:

  • Healthcare Documents: Discharge summaries, patient feedback surveys, intake forms, HIPPA forms
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, mortgages, financial applications, divorce decrees
  • Government Documents: Vital records (birth certificates, marriage licenses or marriage certificates, death certificates), notices of rights, consent, applications
  • Business/Agency Documents: Websites, presentations, manuals or technical texts, product(s) or service(s) information, employee information (handbooks or instructional materials), signage

If you did not see the materials you would like translated listed, please fill out the Request a Quote form at the bottom of the page with your project details in the notes section to receive more information.



Service areas for translation

Our translation services are available nationally.



Request Translation services

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