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Language Services at Catholic Charities of Louisville is looking for individuals fluent in English and at least one other language. Your language proficiency is a potent tool — it not only closes divides and fosters connections but also grants access to critical resources. Across Kentucky’s diverse communities, interpreting and translation efforts transcend language barriers, facilitating access to vital, life-enriching services. 


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Featured POSITIONs

Hattian Creole In-person Interpreter >



Arabic In-person Interpreter >

Amharic In-person Interpreter >

Cambodian/Khmer In-person Interpreter >

Cape Verdean/Portuguese Creole In-person Interpreter >

Cantonese In-person Interpreter >

Haitian Creole In-person Interpreter >

Greek In-person Interpreter >

Gujarati In-person Interpreter >

Korean In-person Interpreter >

Mandarin In-person Interpreter >

Nepali In-person Interpreter > 

Portuguese In-person Interpreter >

Swahili In-person Interpreter >

Thai In-person Interpreter >

Turkish In-person Interpreter >

Vietnamese In-person Interpreter >



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Join our Partner LAMP Interpreters and lend your expertise remotely, becoming an integral part of our collective mission to facilitate seamless communication and bridge divides. Your impact transcends borders, fostering connections from any location. Explore diverse roles within the team such as:


Most opportunities are part-time, on-call meaning your schedule adapts to suit your needs.