Mental Health

Mental Health Interpreting

In 2007, it became clear to us that St. Louis area was desperately in need of trained and qualified advocates for those in need of mental health services. Those suffering from the traumas and stresses of living in war-torn areas, victims of violence, and refugees from foreign nations had no resources to make their voices heard. Instead, they turned to the support of their family members or sought out health care providers that were bilingual.We joined forces with the St. Louis Mental Health Board, Care Access to New Americans (CANA), St. Louis Community College, and other agencies to train interpreters to work within the sensitive areas of Mental Health.For eight years, we’ve been the common voice for patients and providers by staffing interpreters qualified to work in all areas of mental health.Mental health can be a very sensitive topic. Our interpreters are trained to work in those very delicate situations to ensure that the needs of both patient and provider are understood and met.We are qualified to provide interpreting in the following situations:

  • Counseling
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Foster care & adoption counseling
  • Behavioral health services


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