Turkish Interpreter In-person

Turkish Interpreter (In-person)

Location: Boston, MA  (USA)

Position Type: Independent contract freelance interpreter 


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The In-person Freelance Turkish Interpreter is responsible for facilitating interpretation sessions in a professional, focused manner and utilizing the necessary equipment to provide accurate and complete interpretation. Interpreters must possess and maintain a high level of skill, proficiency, and professionalism in interpreting. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the information processed during an interpretation session, a high degree of integrity and confidentiality must be maintained at all times.



  • Language Fluency and Verification: Interpreters must demonstrate language fluency, undergo training, and have their skills reviewed and verified.
  • Certification and Background Checks: All interpreters are certified through training programs and undergo background checks, including CORI and monthly Office of Inspector General checks.
  • Health Compliance: Many interpreters fulfill the immunization requirements outlined by the MA Department of Public Health guidelines for Health Care Personnel.
  • Adherence to Professional Standards: Strict adherence to a code of conduct encompassing impartiality, confidentiality, cultural competency, and other ethical standards.



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*Hourly rates are ultimately decided upon review of experience, linguistic skills test, language demand, and location hired.



Language Pair: Turkish / English

Posted: 12/04/23

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