Job Opportunities FAQs

Frequently asked Questions


Do you provide trainings? 

You will be required to attend an Orientation session.  Basic 101 Interpreting trainings, system trainings, policy and initial compliance trainings are provide during this session.  Additional professional development trainings will be provided on our training platform.


How many hours may I work?

Hours worked is dependent upon the availability of the interpreter and the demand of our language partners.  LAMP does require part-time on-call employees to be available for a minimum 20 hours/week work schedule.


How long does it take from initial application to when I may take my first assignment?

This will be dependent of how soon you can submit and complete all required hiring processes, documents and compliances to HR.


Does LAMP provide the required vaccinations?

No.  However, besides your doctor, your local pharmacies and department of health may offer the vaccinations or TB testing.