LAMP Interpreters COVID-19 Response

LAMP COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Even in these uncertain times, LAMP remains open serving our community. Now more than ever, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have either through our contact us page or by calling us at the following number (877) 240-6398.



client Updates | August 1, 2020

LAMP continues to adhere to the recommendations of both our clients and the CDC. As of August 1, 2020, we have reinstated our face-to-face (also called in-person or on-site) services. However, if desired, clients may still choose to utilize our available remote language access services including:

We strive to keep our clients informed with timely, accurate updates on how we can best provide critical language support during the COVID-19 pandemic. LAMP remains dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all medical personnel, patients, interpreters, as well as the community.

Read the full statement from our Executive Director.



Client resources | Multilingual covid-19 Information

We are working to gather available multilingual resources on COVID-19 that our clients can utilize for the LEP, as well as deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HOH), individuals they serve. We will continue to update this list as new resources become available.



Interpreter Updates | March 26, 2020

Although there are no coronavirus cases at LAMP to date, we all must address this issue with the utmost seriousness. We will be most successful in preparing for and mitigating any potential impacts if we support one another and work together.

Please, contact the HR department by email at if you are, or if you become aware of someone who is, diagnosed with or being tested for coronavirus. The LAMP HR team will keep management informed confidentially and as appropriate. Anyone who has been in close contact with an individual diagnosed with coronavirus will be contacted by public health officials.

Stay informed. The best way is to thoroughly read all LAMP emails and follow the guidelines from the CDC for healthcare professionals. The following link provides the most recent information from CDC:

If you become ill with fever, cough and shortness of breath, especially if you have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or if you have recently been in an area with spread of COVID-19, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN.  If you suspect you might have COVID-19, a cold or influenza:

  • Do not mark yourself available, assign or show up at any LAMP appointments.
  • Do not show up at your doctor’s office unannounced. Call ahead, or contact the County Health Department.
  • Do not leave your home except to get medical care.
  • Separate yourself from other people
  • Monitor your symptoms. 

Should you have a high level exposure, you may be referred to the Health Department or an area hospital for testing. People with colds, runny noses, coughs, most viruses, lower respiratory infections, and various forms of the flu do not need to go to the hospital unless they are experiencing a respiratory emergency. If you don’t know what to do, call your doctor!

Missouri Contact List:

  • St. Louis City Department of Health :   314.612.5100
  • St. Louis County Department of Health:   314.615.2660
  • Jefferson County Health Department:   636.797.3737
  • St. Charles County Health Department:   636.949.7400
  • Missouri State Health Department 24 hour COVID-19 Hotline:   877.435.8411

In keeping with our values for our diverse community, it is especially important that we are supportive, respectful, and inclusive of all members of our community who are affected by this global issue. We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.




For the most current information regarding COVID-19 and recommendations for protecting yourself, you can call the 24 hour hotline at (877) 437-8411or visit: