ASL Operations Support / Assistant

ASL Operations Support/Assistant

Location: St. Louis, MO (USA)

Position Type: Full-time Hourly


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Position SUMMARY

Assist in directing the operations of interpreting services for American Sign Language, and supervises the interpreters within that language group. Not exempt from managing other language groups when necessary.



  • Company-paid professional interpreter training
  • Opportunities for advancement and professional growth



$20 – $25* per hour



  • Assign interpreters for scheduled appointments and coordinate appointment times  according to the number of interpreters available and the number of requests per day.  All requests need to be scheduled (pending, not filled in online system) at least 72  business hours ahead of time.
  • Keep up-to-date information regarding changes in interpreter availability, phone numbers, addresses, and advise the HR Department of these changes.
  • Advise Supervisor about the need for interpreters on your team and compile weekly  updates on how many appointments were not covered due to lack of interpreters.
  • When required, call patients daily to remind them of their appointments and confirm they  are going to their appointment, as well as advising them that an interpreter will be present. If confirming with a patient whose language you do not speak, use an interpreter from the appropriate team to confirm with you via a conference call during work hours.
  • When required, call the facilities daily to confirm each appointment, along with the  expected duration and type of appointment.
  • Check incoming faxes for necessary pre-authorization requirements, re-fax requests  requiring authorization and give requests to appropriate Team Leader.
  • Answer incoming calls, take messages if the staff is not available to take calls, or team leader that answered the call cannot solve the problem. Refer clients to other agencies when needed. Handle calls and on-site requests when bilingual interpretation is needed.
  • Provide support to assigned interpreters when they encounter difficulties with their  appointments, such as double-booking, patient no show, cancelled appointment, or  transportation issues (car breaking down, traffic, etc.).
  • Assist in making appointments for patients and create new appointments in online system when necessary.
  • Collect interpreters’ time sheets in a timely manner and assist Team Leader to collect all  time sheets according to the deadlines.
  •  Assist in training and shadow new interpreters and complete evaluations on all  interpreters.
  • Seek continuous education with available trainings and seminars related to your work.
  • Assist other staff members when necessary, and perform other duties as requested.



  • Candidate should possess strong bicultural knowledge, communication ability in American Sign  Language and English. Must have a High School Diploma. American Sign Language knowledge  and training is preferred.



  • LAMP is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer



Will work on establishing a communication link between American Sign Language individuals  and English-speaking health care and social service providers by providing direct interpretation  that preserves the verbal and emotional content of the speaker’s statements. This person will also address cultural and social issues that may impact care and service and provide both parties with  information needed to ensure complete understanding. 

Must be able to act as a team player with the rest of LAMP staff in order to accomplish the workload as it comes into the office.



Well-organized professional, with the ability to multi-task. Must have the ability to work well  with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and must be comfortable  working in demanding situations. Must be able to meet monthly deadlines in regards to time sheets and data entry.



Responsible for the day-to-day management of interpreting services and direction of the work of assigned interpreter team.


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*Hourly rates are ultimately decided upon review of experience, linguistic skills test, language demand, and location hired.


Posted: 08/05/22

Start Date: 10/01/22


About us

Our interpreting and translation work makes a wealth of necessary services accessible to both Limited English Proficient (LEP), deaf, and hard-of-hearing individuals. These services, along with our additional education and training opportunities, strengthen the capacity of other organizations to meet the needs of the diverse populations they serve. The partnerships we provide together with local institutions are life-giving and, in some circumstances, life-saving.


LAMP is a nonprofit organization and part of Catholic Charities Foundation of St. Louis. Proudly serving our region by providing high-quality, professional language access services for more than 25 years.