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The second most spoken language in the United States is not only becoming an essential form of communication but an integral and enjoyable part of the local culture.  Whether you are looking to sharpen your Spanish speaking skills or take them to the next level – LAMP is able to create a program to meet your needs.

All new students are evaluated by language teaching professionals to determine their exact learning level.  Once this is determined, a program is customized to the student’s level and learning goals.  Lessons may be taken in a small group setting or one-on-one.  The Spanish curriculum, utilized by LAMP teachers, employs the latest technology and teaches components of speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Learn basic greetings, introduction skills, and key info to begin to understand the world of Spanish around you.  Comprehend basic written introductions about people and objects, as well as colors and foods.   Learn pronunciation of Pronunciation sounds.   Identify key points when listening to others speak.  Lastly, by the end of this course – be able to read and write key phrases.

Pricing varies per group size and customized program.  Contact LAMP for a customized program.

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