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Through the Language & Cultural Educational Hub, we will fund scholarship opportunities for qualifying L.A.M.P interpreters and students pursuing a translation/interpreting degree. If you would like to offer your support, click here.

With 20+ years of experience in interpretation, translation, and professional training, LAMP has become a leading specialist in the language industry.

LAMP provides services to health care, law, education, and mental health systems. Because of our highly trusted services, customers have turned to LAMP to meet other needs, such as cultural competency and diversity trainings, language learning courses, language assessments, and interpreter training.

With the growing demand for LAMP’s language and cultural expertise, we decided to launch an entire educational department named the Language & Cultural Educational Hub. Through online technology and in-person courses, interpreters, students, and professionals will be able to meet their continuing education units, language, and cultural goals at any time.

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Video Caption | For almost 20 years, LAMP has been dedicated to breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers for immigrants, refugees, and the Deaf and hard-of-hearing seeking health care and support services in St. Louis metropolitan area.

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