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Spanish – Expert Course Description


At this point in learning Spanish, you have acquired the ability to converse and write on a variety of topics.  You can engage for a length of time at speaking and presenting in Spanish both academically and professionally.  Your level of Spanish is competitive when it comes to passing career level tests that require fluency in the language.  All that remains is for you to become more of a natural at communicating and understanding a more complex array of idioms and specialized vocabulary in Spanish.

At the expert level of Spanish – you will learn how to become more specialized in terminology and how to both communicate and understand a wide variety of subjects, including academic and professional topics as well as informal language.  LAMP teachers are skilled at customizing the program that will maximize your learning time according to your own needs and goals.  By the end of the Expert Spanish Course, you should be able to:

  • Comfortably give presentations in Spanish on topics and areas of content that are outside of your normal realm
  • Utilize abstract words in both writing and speaking to express certain content areas in an organized, clear fashion
  • Be able to understand more idiomatic expressions
  • Have worked through some words where you were previously hung up on pronunciation

** List pricing is for one-on-one classes.

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