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Russian – True Beginner

Russian – True Beginner Course Description

Dish up a slice of history and language that will diversify your educational repertoire unlike any other opportunity.  Russian will set apart your curricula vitae, as just a small fraction of overall language learners choose Russian over more common languages.  With a rich cultural knowledge and linguistic skill, our Russian teachers will be your passport to a unique and competitive global perspective.

Students may take either group or individual classes.  The Russian curriculum, utilized by LAMP teachers, employs the latest technology and teaches components of speaking, writing, reading and listening.

For the beginner with no prior experience in Russian: speaking, writing, reading, or listening. We will customize the perfect program to teach you how to begin to communicate about yourself and to discover and understand the world of Russian around you.  Begin to learn Russian sounds, phrases and writing at the basic level.

** List pricing is for one-on-one classes.  Contact LAMP for a customized program.

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