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Interpreting in Mental Health Settings (Speaker’s Panel)

Interpreting in Mental Health Settings (Speaker’s Panel) Course Description

“Interpreting in Mental Health Settings” is an informative panel style training.  Additionally, this training  prepares interpreters to exercise their interpreting skills in mental health appointments.  The three panel speakers include:  LAMP Executive Director Eduardo Vera, LAMP ASL Interpreter & Team Coordinator – Taci Mathers and Judy McGrath – Bilingual Art Therapist at St. Francis Community Services.  Because of the extensive experience of the speakers, they utilize a panel style of interactive training.  Additionally, the speakers delve into the key elements of mental health and its intersection with interpretation.  All three speakers offer a wealth of experience and knowledge about the necessity of language in mental health assessment and treatment.  Consequently, the speakers help navigate mental health appointments with limited English speakers and both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations.  In addition, the speakers cover code of ethics, interpreter roles and barriers to mental health care.

Attendees are eligible to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
MCDHH is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This General Studies program is offered for .1 CEUs at the Beginner Content Knowledge Level.  Also, RID CMP CEUs are free for this training.

LAMP promotes an environment of mutual respect and free from bias.   

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