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French – Intermediate

French – Intermediate Course Description

In the French intermediate course, you will learn about:  Art, romance, diplomacy and travel.  These are just a few of the words commonly associated with learning the French language.  Additionally, learning French is fun with entertaining curriculum opportunities.  Our French instructors will use a program that brings French alive for your business or personal needs.

First, you will take a free assessment to determine your exact learning level.  Secondly, Instructors will create a program, which we will customize to the student’s level and learning goals.   Next, LAMP ‘s teachers will utilize a French curriculum that employs the latest technology and core language components.

Lastly, learn to speak about a typical day in your life and to understand others .  You will develop many functional tasks in French.  Additionally, you will comprehend general topics in the language.  You may request to customize this course to your specific language needs.  By the end of your French Intermediate level studies, you will survive and begin to thrive in the French speaking culture.

** List pricing is for one-on-one classes.  Contact LAMP today for your customized program.

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