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English as a Second Language – Expert

English as a Second Language – Expert Course Description


As a budding English expert, you already have fluency in a variety of topics, including some specialized areas.  You are able to fend for yourself in heated discussions.  Many native English speakers admire your ability to manage the English language without struggle.  However, there are times when you would like to more clearly understand English TV shows and heavy slang.  In this course,  grow your repertoire of language to express yourself more naturally in a variety of content areas.

At the expert level of English – you will learn how to become more specialized in terminology and how to both communicate and understand a wide variety of subjects, including academic and professional topics as well as informal language.  LAMP teachers will customize the program that will maximize your learning time according to your own needs and goals.  At the expert level, you are already very proficient in English and will learn to further hone specific areas of your choice, such as:  Reading, writing, speaking/pronunciation, and listening.

** List pricing is for one-on-one classes. 

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