Bridging the Gap for Medical Interpreters

Bridging the gap (btg) Interpreter training

This 64-hour course, offered through the Cross Cultural Health Care Program in Seattle, prepares bilingual individuals to work as interpreters in hospital and clinic settings. It covers topics ranging from roles and styles, ethics, vocabulary, and advocacy techniques in interpreting. LAMP is the only agency in St. Louis licensed to train interpreters using the Bridging the Gap curriculum.



What does it cover?

Participants will learn:

  • Interpreter roles
  • National codes of ethics
  • Interpreting skills practice
  • Culture and its impact on interpreting
  • Introduction to medical terminology
  • Health disparities
  • Considerations for interpreting for LGBTQIA communities and in mental health settings



why Bridging the gap?

Bridging the Gap is a well established and trusted medical interpreter training program in the United States. LAMP’s all-inclusive pricing covers:

  • Language proficiency assessment
  • 64 hours of training, which meets the national medical interpreter certification prerequisite for both the CCHI and the NBCMI
  • Textbooks: Bridging the Gap Textbook for Medical Interpreters, bilingual medical glossary, and mental health glossary or Guide to Common Medications
  • Signed and individually numbered Certificate of Completion.



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